The ipad and digital storytelling

I was really intrigued at this partnership between Apple and Wired Magazine, which has unveiled its plans for using the ipad.  If you were wondering what all the hoopla was about in regards to journalistic possibilities, check it out. LOVE the 3D photos and new navigation. I still think more could be done with digitizing the story, though — much of this does still seem very print-focused (ie how to navigate the magazine). From this video it doesn’t look like a lot is being done with the text itself (ie navigating between parts of the story or allowing the reader to choose her own path through the story, wherever it takes them). But I’m really excited about all of this, nonetheless.

A couple caveats though:

1) All of this means that the production practice of both journalists and advertisers are going to have to change. You need to think about photographing with 3D concepts in mind, for example. It must change what kind of information you need to gather, and make you rethink what parts of the story you might want to emphasize. That has all sorts of implications: for J-Schools, for equipment purchases, for reporting at the scene, etc etc.


2), after reading this article, I found my way to this one: Survey: 40 percent in U.S. have no broadband

Just something to think about. Not everyone is going to be buying that ipad.