Capturing and understanding this historic moment

A colleague of ours in Geography, Professor Kris Olds, is compiling a useful historical record of resources on the current legislative proposals for transforming the relationship between WI state government and UW-Madison, called “Badger Futures“:

This particular site is focused on providing comprehensive and wide-ranging resources (be they supportive, betwixt and between, or critical) to facilitate informed debate about the New Badger Partnership (NBP), and the Wisconsin Idea Partnership (WIP). Please feel free to contact me at <> if you have any suggestions regarding material to add, or links to profile.

This resource can be really useful for journalism and mass communication students and scholars as well.  I wonder, are there any SJMC (or other UW) classes, researchers, or projects out there tracking the way this issue is being debated across the state, in local newspapers, on local television station web sites, or on locally-situated social media sites outside of Madison?