Students and the Supreme Court

During this momentous week at the Supreme Court, I was delighted to see some of our former students working on the coverage.

Alison Fox (’09) covered Edith Windsor, who sued over the federal Defense of Marriage Act and won, for the Wall Street Journal.

Emma Roller (’11)  wrote for Slate, covering people who camped out overnight in advance of the Windsor decision and a challenge to Proposition 8 in California.

And finally, I saw Erin Banco (’11) writing about the crowd reaction to the DOMA and Prop 8 decisions for The New York Times.

All three spent time on the news desks of the Daily Cardinal: Alison from 2005-07; Emma as editor in chief in 2010-11; and Erin as campus editor from 2008-09. Congratulations to all for your coverage and making an old prof proud as you showed up in her various feeds today!

If others had a role in Supreme Court work this week, add a comment and a link. It’s great to see where you are. And as always, update me anytime by email.

~ Katy Culver

Resource page for WCIJ/SJMC budget bill amendment crisis

Update 30 June 2013: Governor Scott Walker has used his line-item veto power to strike the provision; the crisis is over and our collaboration has been preserved.  Thank you!  For discussion of “lessons learned” see the tip sheet from WCIJ and the blog post by SJMC Director Greg Downey.

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