Friday blog rescue: Social Implications of New Technologies

SJMC Professor Young Mie Kim is teaching a special section of J676 this semester called “Social Implications of New Technologies,” complete with a weblog open to all readers.  The other day she alerted her students to an article on that might be of interest here as well:

How to Land a Career in Digital Media

I thought you might find this article useful–How to land a career in digital PR.
Although the title says “Digital PR”, it discusses a strategy to get a job in digital media area in general. A couple of highlights:

* Take any and all new technology classes in communication (if you are in a communication major)

* Take a course emphasizing innovation, not technology per se.

“You can take a class on how to use Twitter (Twitter) or Facebook (Facebook), but soon there will be something else to come along and replace it. So understanding technology shifts can give you some insight to how things may change. It’s about forward thinking, but understanding the history of how it happened can be a big help.” ~Dave Levy, a senior account executive at Edelman Digital

Anyone else care to offer advice on this topic?