Geographies of knowledge production

Over at another collective blog produced in part by UW-Madison folks, the always-fascinating GlobalHigherEd, there’s a really interesting post including some visualizations of global knowledge production, taken from this report (linked and downloadable):

Graham, M., Hale, S. A., and Stephens, M. (2011) Geographies of the World’s Knowledge, London, Convoco! Edition.

For example, one of the images visualizes the number of academic journals by country, shaded by impact factor (click to view full size):


What do such visualizations suggest about the place of US faculty and graduate students in the global circulation of knowledge?  How do you think these images would look if targeted to specific fields, like mass communication or media studies?

For more, read the full post over at GlobalHigherEd.  (And thanks to UW-Madison geography professor and GlobalHigherEd author Kris Olds for alerting me to this cool resource.)